Beer Tram - Basic Information

Beer Tram - Basic Information
Šalina Pub is a unique concept that allows you to experience Brno uniquely! Šalina - Tram is the most typical way of transportation in Brno used by thousands people every day. Beer is the national drink in Czech Republic. In Šalina Pub you can experience both things at once! 

Private Rides

You can orded Šalina Pub for corporate events, private parties or bachelor parties. We calculate reservations according to the valid price list. To get a quotation you can contact us on

Hop On - Hop Off Rides

There are also several Hop On - Hop Off rides every year, where you can buy ticket from driver and enjoy the amazing tour by tram with the beer in your hand! 

Upcoming rides:

  • 25.6. and 2.7.2022 - IGNIS BRUNENSIS fireworks to the Brno dam 
  • 3.9.2022 - Starobrno Brewery Open Day
  • 27.11. and 4.12.2022 - Advent rides with Starobrno Red Lager
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